Student Health Services

Parent Reminders:


  • Parents be advised that students are not to bring medication of any kind ( to include cough drops).


  • All medications should have a completed doctor's authorization form & signed in by an adult in the first aid room--Refer to the MCPSS Medication at School Policy.

  • The first aid room is set up to assist ALL students at school with minor scrapes. Space is limited.  It is a space to hold a student until they can be picked up or patched up and returned to class.  NO student should be left in the First Aid room for hours on end waiting to be picked up. We must keep the first aid room prepared for the next student needing assistance.


  • Just a reminder, it's Cold and Flu season and to prevent wide spread illnesses in our school please help us by keeping your child at home with symptoms of fever and or chills, runny nose with frequent coughing and sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, and complaints of not feeling well. If symptoms last more than 24 hours please follow up with your child's doctor.


First Aid 

Parents the school First Aid Room is for immediate injuries and illnesses occurring during school hours.  It is NOTa medical clinic where ill patients are seen by a doctor. There are no medicines stored for medical careAs a reminder the MCPSS Health Policy asked that you DO NOT send your child to school sick. No student should be sent to school needing to go straight to the First Aid room upon arrival for an illness. Again, please help us keep illness down and our students in school. 



Reporting Illness to School 

Parents it is Cold and Flu season, if your child is out due to illness, please contact the School Nurse @ (251) 221-1345.